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Glenmaggie & District Boat Club


Glen Eddington - Commodore

(03) 5148 0212

0418 397 618

1 Licola Road,

Glenmaggie VICTORIA 3858

The Glenmaggie & District Boat Club Inc (GDBC) is a not for profit organisation, established in 1955, on the foreshore on the Lake Glenmaggie Dam, adjacent to the Glenmaggie Bridge who showcase speed boat racing on the Melbourne Cup weekend and the 1st or 2nd Sunday after Christmas.


The club has a long and proud Tourism history of power boat racing for the Wellington Shire Region. The dam is a popular water sport destination which is 2.5hrs from Melbourne Victoria in the Central Gippsland Region.


We are one of 5 Victorian based racing clubs and affiliated with the National and State Australian Power Boat Association

We also host many other community events such as the successful annual Fishing Festival held in the September Victorian School Holidays.


GDBC members have always been fiercely competitive over the years and have held many Australian and States titles still today.


When asked - what is it like to drive a high performance race boat at 100mph, one well known driverwas once rumoured to reply, "take the springs off your car, then drive down a dirt road with potholes at 60 mph and you'll get the idea."

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