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About the Heyfield Traders and Tourism Association

What is the Heyfield Traders and Tourism Association?

The Heyfield Traders and Tourism Association (HTTA) was established in 1960's and has operated continuously since then. It exists to support and expand the local economy of  Heyfield and its surrounding area.

It does this in several ways:

  • Promotes the products, services and interests of member organisations through targeted marketing and communication activities

  • Holds regular events, such as the annual Heyfield Food & Wine Festival, to showcase the town and its product offering

  • Liaises with tourism organisations at local, state and federal government level, to provide advocacy and skills development for its member organisations

  • Meets monthly to update its members and progress its goals for the year.

During 2021 the HTTA achieved the following:

a) Revitalised the Visit Heyfield Website
b) Produced a Visit Heyfield video, (you may have seen this on Facebook and our
c) Produced a “Discover Heyfield” leaflet to be distributed through tourism outlets
d) Increased the Heyfield RV park area in order that more caravans may fit in.
e) Increased cooperation with Wellington Shire Council to ensure better outcomes for our town.

How does my business benefit from being a member?

Membership will include a profile of your business on the Visit Heyfield website, and a chance to have input into the decisions made by Heyfield Traders and Tourism Association. You will receive the minutes of each meeting


In addition, your business will be able to participate in a “Buy Local” Campaign early in 2022, whereby your customers have a chance of winning a weekly $100 voucher to be spent in your store/business. A cost which will be covered by the HTTA.

Who are the members of the HTTA?

In 2021, the HTTA had 44 member organisations and 8 individuals.

The current executive members consist of current and past business owners and operators in Heyfield.

President: Jamie Riley

Vice-chair: Deb Osborne

Secretary: Caroline Trevorrow

Treasurer: Lee Clarke

Regular Committee Members:

Greg Tomamichel

Glenys McBride

Wendy Rhodes

Peter Collings

Laurie Clarke

How is the HTTA funded?

The HTTA is funded through its members' fees. These are:

  • $80 for businesses with less that 5 employees

  • $160 for businesses with more than 5 employees

  • For the year 2021-2022, the Wellington Shire Council is also covering the cost of membership for new and existing members, as part of its local stimulus package


Can my business join the HTTA?

Any business, individual or community organisation with an ABN can join the HTTA.


My organisation is non-profit making, can I join the HTTA?

Yes. The HTTA only seeks fees from profit making businesses. Not-for-profit organisations can join free of charge.

If you wish to become a member of the HTTA please complete the click on the link below, complete the form and email back to:

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