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A small town too good to miss...

Cowwarr is a rural community based at the foothills of the Southern Alps, it currently has a population of around 376 people and is located approximately 186 kilometres east of Melbourne.

Cowwarr is welcoming, vibrant and has much to offer visitors travelling through. The local pub; The Cricket Club Hotel, is renowned for delicious meals, friendly atmosphere, cold beer and wine. The Cowwarr Public Hall serves as a valuable meeting point for the community and still hosts its share of events and celebrations and there is a post office as well. Cowwarr has a very active Landcare group and a well supported CFA, both of whom work hard to benefit the area.

Spot the Cowwarr cows...

An entertaining aspect of Cowwarr has been the rapid emergence over the last few years of a large variety of tin cows made to raise funds for the Cowwarr community. The cows appear in many different colours and designs and visitors take delight in finding, counting and photographing the many moos "roaming" the streets of Cowwarr!

Activities, Art & Country Life...

Cowwarr has so much to do and see. For bike riding, horseriding or walking enthusiasts the Gippsland Plains Rail Trail passes right through Cowwarr on its way to Heyfield. The rail trail is a fun way to experience the countryside. It showcases imaginative "Flights of Fantasy" sculptures installed along the way, proudly designed and built by the local primary school children.

cowwarr cows fundraising.jpg

Rainbow Creek winds its way around the edge of Cowwarr providing the perfect opportunity to relax or spot some local birdlife. 

Cowwarr also has a proud and active football and netball club and there's nothing quite like the thrill of taking in an action packed game, then enjoying a drink with the locals.

The picturesque Cowwarr Weir offers a beautiful location for a picnic, a refreshing swim or a spot of fishing and is popular with kayakers, walkers and bird watchers. For a rejuvenating break with a taste of country life Cowwarr is the perfect spot!

cowwarr general store.jpg

Must see & Do...

  • Picnic, fish or swim at the Cowwarr Weir

  • View the Cowwarr Weir Wall

  • Walk or ride the Gippsland Plains Rail Trail

  • Relax at the Rainbow Creek

  • Treat yourself to a hamburger or icecream at the Cowwarr General Store

  • Enjoy a drink and a delicious meal at the Cricket Club Hotel

  • Spot the "Cowwarr Cows", how many can you find?

  • Take in a local footy or netball match

cowwarr birdlife.jpg
cowwarr cfa.jpg
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cowwarr public hall.jpg
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