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Deb's Power & Outdoors

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Deb's Power & Outdoors offers great products at an affordable price for those that have a job to do but don't wish to break the bank to do it! Deb's carries a diverse range of not only petrol powered equipment but also fishing and camping gear and sewing, knitting and craft accessories! It's worth popping in to check it out, just some of the range includes:

  • Pumps, Chainsaws, Logsplitters, Generators

  • Mowers, Brushcutters, Gardening Equipment, Hoses

  • Weed Killers & Garden Fertilisers

  • Tents, Sleeping Bags, Chairs, & Camping Gear

  • Rods, Reels, Nets, & Fishing Gear

  • Cotton & Sewing Accessories

  • Wool & Knitting Accessories

  • Tattoos, Stickers, Blings, Jewelry & Craft Accessories

Deb's is proud to be a small local business with a diverse range and a friendly approach. Pop in and say G'day, you may be surprised what you find!


Debbie Osborn


50  Temple Street,

Heyfield VICTORIA 3858

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